Daniel Lee Ball

WIFE: Tasha

ANNIVERSARY: 04-13-2001

CHILDREN: Logan, Carter, Briley & Lincoln.

HOBBIES: It's hard to list because I add new ones all the time. Here are a few: my children, Fantasy Football, listening to music, acting, photography, deer hunting, fishing, fishing, fishing, listening to audio books, buying toys for myself and telling Tasha they're for the boys.

PERSON: Tasha Ball (She is AWESOME!!!)
Logan, Carter, Briley & Lincoln come in second. (Sorry kids)
VERSE: Romans 1:16 (Look it up, then memorize it.)
BOOK OF THE BIBLE: "Daniel" just kidding, good book, but my favorite is Romans.
FOOD: Spaghetti, Pizza, Fajitas, Cream Of Broccoli Soup
RESTAURANTS: "I love Mexican, Italian & and good steak houses!"
Bonanza - Lincoln, IL (It's better than all the other Bonanzas)
Guadalajara - Chickamauga, GA
Sorrento's Pizzeria - Lincoln, IL
Ruth's Chris - Anywhere
Portillo's - Chicago area
Lupi's Pizza - Chattanooga, TN
Bob's Brick Oven - Rock Spring, GA
SINGER(S): Glen Payne, David Phelps
BOOK: The Bible
SPORTS: Basketball, Football, Baseball & Curling.
SONG: Blessed Assurance
COLOR: Green
SEASON: Allspice because it's all the seasons in one.

FOOD: Raw Onions, Raw Seafood
CANDY: Chocolate
DRINK: Coffee or any diet sodas

- I once got to photo double for Chris Pratt and have gotten to work on films with Tom Hank, Robert Downey Jr., Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Jon Hamm and several others.
- I'm a very nervous passenger. I prefer to drive.
- Had major knee surgery in 2016.

For Teenagers:
You're building the foundation for your future.  Satan wants more than anything else to mess your life up while you're young.  Stay close to the Lord and stay close to your parents.  Don't wait for sometime in the future to serve the Lord.  Serve Him now.  Stay busy doing the Lord's work and you won't have much time to get in trouble.  Although it can be tough at times, there is no better and no more rewarding place to be than in "God's will".  Oh and one more thing . . . don't ever chase your dreams, stay in God's will and your dreams will chase you.

For Infants:
Go tell your parent's you're a child prodigy because you can read, and you know how to use the Internet.

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